Dear Nefertiti:
Winged, wiggling monkey, dodging bottle caps. Target, from Earth. Friends. Not hate. This incredible and complex game. These undefined definitions that become clearly defined with age. To feel something. Yes, must feel something.

The paper trail is wet, Titi. The pages dirty with mud and soil. That is why I’m here. My hands alert, and my mind clasping. Hard to detach. I sleep in it, bathe in it, sing to it. It is more than an apparition. This red liquid, bubbling nectar pond. My open eyes swollen with vision, needing to take it all in. So much of this is coming from a deeper, richer place, a place cleared of boxes. By the way, did you remember to turn off the storage lights?”

GOOD TIDINGS“The spread of nectar throughout the provinces brought about an incredible streak of prosperity. For 200 hundred years good fortune prevailed. T’s rule was empowering. Hunger, poverty, crime, bigotry, terminal diseases, and suicides, practically disappeared. It was as if evil had been bottled and transformed into little, tiny, very, ultra, super-small flowers, from which came the most extraordinary scents, and a strange luminescense that turned pastures into pools of sparkling lights. These micro-flowers had a healing effect.

Tunnels leading to the bottom of the lake were built at various spots, and access to the dome was available to all. The citizens indulged in mind, sex, and most of all, art. Systems were aligned. Commodities and common good were communal concerns. All leaders, all bartering. Harmony things, pink flushed. Caterpillar bond. 200 years. Average lifespan: 150.”
EXCERPT FROM “HISTORY OF TITICACA” The Elementary Edition BY VERVEL EENKS – Volume III, Chapter 7: “Bred not in captivity”

SPRINGS“They come, riding fog, thirsty mules. A new breed with eyes on their arms, moving like hungry hunters, not yet poised to sleep. Inspecting valleys, terrain shifts, ambitions of the electric. Boasting blades and breathing machines, with ivory handles, and sharp edges.

‘Hares and boars: targets for today.’

‘Retractable springs under hooves make it possible to leap. Mechanisms are easily accessed through a panel resting between the mule’s ears, modifications can be made while riding. Leaps cover a span of up to a mile, though these settings are reserved for skilled riders. Not recommended for beginners, or persons with heart conditions. Apt to crick.’
– Item Description – From the Mule’s Box

Some say one could leap and touch clouds, all in the mule’s diet and proper spring adjustment. Reports of mid-air flipping mules have come from various parts of the empire, and numerous accidents have been recorded. Leaping mules will not enter the woods.”

TERKEL“Decapitation was the preferred mode of execution. The ruthless prize of power. The long sword was considered honorable, and anarchy the supreme law. War. Permanent fires, sunless sky, the lake a pool of soot. The only bodies seen on its shores were headless ones. A sacrifice of ignorance to a spirit in shock. Magnetic nets and Terkel shields were used as protective devices against germ attacks, and Lie-Translators were mandatory. Curfews and checkpoints were still in place but impossible to enforce. Ziplock Tubs were used for bribery. More and more citizens fled to outer lands, some to the mountains, the braver ones entered the woods.

The forest of Fleeks became a sort of sanctuary, sacred, neutral, but nonetheless, dangerous ground. The trees stood as sentinels, their branches protectors of a word, the inhabitants claimed. In there, hunters were referred to as treehoppers. In there lived a different force. Invisible to some, electric to others, empowering by contact and respiration.

The woods were a dark place. All shade. Luminous symbols painted on trees in the Vils dynasty served as the only guides. Sound became intrinsic. The many perils newcomers faced were easily dealt with in two month’s time. This sense became acute, an amp.”
EXCERPT FROM: “FLEEKS” BY VERVEL EENKS – Chapter 4: “Neutral Ground”

Carcass place. Burning boiler, dancing apparatus. Finally got through last night. Fresh instructions, purple paper. Hours spent cleaning up the shore. Human parts strewn. About. The stench is staggering. Helpers faint, some vomit. It is a slow process but we accomplish. Aiming: month’s time, expecting it to stretch. It had to be done. Millions of wars are being waged every second. This one was one more.

Noting good things, starting to feel a change. It is hard to explain. A newfound clarity of sorts. How is it that among the hundreds of people exposed to this human pudding, I remain unaffected. My experiments with the extract are showing results?

Thanks for sending the skybox, I’d been missing it. My dome will be the more pleasant for it. Think of you…come.”

TERKEL“The founding of LeapMech led to a frenzy. Mechanisms were being produced at astonishing rates, quickly overtaking in sales all individual-target transports. Soon, the streets were buzzing with the sounds of spring propulsion. The crowded expressways? Ghostly vacanct as citizens found, or created new shortcuts to commute. Autovol industries was consumed by LeapMech. New partnerships. New feats. New laws. Cosmetically, cities began to change. Structures grew platforms. Traffic from building to building.

Leaping stations were created. Aluminum slabs with vantage points, which people used, but mostly for recreation.”
EXCERPT FROM “HISTORY OF TITICACA” The Elementary Edition BY VERVEL EENKS – Volume II, Chapter 2: “LeapMech”

CONSUMATE“10/11: As for Mieanph, he is plugged in the edge. Just black velvet box, the Orix head, the private secretary who, today was sent. Before he lets out the cloud of Glanm, in addition, as for him, five basins of the Ziplock, 1 because every day was sent. That it requires? The kiloters of surrender, 200 of the seashore; Agree to flowing out the lake, the poison breathe. Word goes everywhere fast. When being these ways, the diplomacy which is done again to define. ”

MW600“Titicacaman carried the remote control device of the worker of miracles of intermediate class, MW600, wrote the pantheon which has the dog which lays idle sour glance. As for him, the walking which looks at the floor, defiant crowd? It is: ‘As for me namely so, no? It can obtain, my pants, as for me which looks at those? As for the Wan it sees?’ For crowd him booed. He bent, like the wild monkey indicated the makings which it turned. The people deceive. Stop! That arm which he increased in order to become silent the Throng. The Shhh! Delays the MW600, the button was pushed. As for this the noise, whose is slow from crowd…you panted, induced the beam creaking of the wood.

Great power the unleashed way as for that you felt. In regard to rising fluttering. Hundreds, small-sized electro- bats which are discontinued from the dome, took flight namely the wing which was opened with fast fall. Fearfully is, and others the spectator: ‘Titicacaman! You who is something and are done?!’ As for the Titicacaman gust, it flew through the bat chat which the room can be amused with formation central.”

KAHTERN“‘The it is the it is to rise to the air, and the stealth of the speed which groans, sweet smell doing. Collapse that, urinate, designate the acid of all fibers to the net of virus. Release the magnetic grasp of the enemy of the lake as fog condition it advances. The petal which ‘designates the lake as the slave above this, jumps the fish which has navigated.’
– Excerpt from motivational speech by General Krux

The rage at Kahtern stands out. Fulcrum. 2 years, gigantic measures facilitated, a magnetic net over the lake, forms it: inaccessible. Those who tried to remove it zapped a deadly charge. Those, who tried to burn it, its efforts, for, to, frustrated. Not to ever burn, a blanket, ‘out of service,’ impenetrable. The lake became a deserted mockery. A glass to greed. So, it came to, acres of forest land were stripped and appropriated. Dwellers and treehoppers were pushed further in or out.”

FROM COLLECTIONKamger: “Sounds in Fleeks like feasts thrown daily. Heard new beings roam around with a step all their own. Exalted.”
Titicaca Daily: “These new beings, where did they come from? Are they dangerous?”
K: “We think from the object at the bottom of the lake. Where they are from originally? Who knows. They’re loud cacklers. Mostly heard on the western line. So far they have not posed a threat.”
TD: “What do they look like?”
K: “Well, hard to say, what I’ve seen has been through night goggles and from a distance. Fur all over. Glowing eyes, sharp smiling teeth.”
TD: “Why do you think they are in Fleeks?”
K: “We’re in the process of investigating that, so far we know their activities are akin to ceremonies.”
THE TITICACA DAILY – LOREN BOX’S BOX (Excerpt from interview with Kamger – Gatekeeper)

PRIVATE AGENDAPresident Mienph:
“The person secretary-general, the president, the representative, and the woman and the gentlemen you distinguished. As for us which bring sorrow in many citizens of the meeting, and our worlds where attack of the terrorist brings sorrow in my country. Yesterday, we remembered the false life which is taken, terrible morning. Today, as for us there is no hallucination of protection of other life and it turns to the urgent obligation which does not have fear. We achieved many of last year and the other side. However in us, many there is, and the other side in order to do. It is displayed here, it confronts entire fear swaying, it connects many nations, the people appreciate.

United lake withstood with desire and island war, desired and continued in the world where it moves to justice, opposition to fear old pattern it escapes. Peace of the lake will and wickedness must be destroyed, every human, never, for the second time, the establishment member solved. Being different from the league of islands, us, consideration speaks from many, because it drew up the guarantee, national assembly, more than the request HUMAN RIGHTSwhich is decision. After formation of the dictator of the lie and treaty and the squandered life which is broken, us it lifts up to the standard of dignity of the human who is shared by, entirely, protecting the system of guarantee entirely.

Today, these standards and this guarantee are challenged. Our responsibilities to dignity of the human and the sickness which rages are challenged in accordance with the destitution which is durability. Hardship is large, our responsibilities clear. Being the place where it is needed desperately, in order to bring the prosperity and trade extending and the medical care which it brings the lake reaches to the world and the people in help of supply, raises life, it has connected. As a sign of our responsibilities to dignity of the human, the lake returns to shadows. (Applause)

HUMAN RIGHTSThis constitution is improved, joins to delegation sufficiently in order to advance human rights and allowance and study. Our common guarantees are: religion dispute ancient race, but the opposition, Titicacaman, which is not avoided and is challenged. In the middle island, and Kahtern, as for peace for either side, which is not free for both sides, it is not possible with not to be. Lining up, the standpoint which has lived and is entrusted became independent, peace you guarantee to democracy. Like Kor’s republic and all other people, the person function does their interests which are worthy of government, hears their voices. When we in fairness pursue the wide-ranging solution to opposition, simultaneously it continues to encourage my nation in order to walk party everything to responsibility.”

Dear Nefertiti:
To tell, can not, how glad he is here to help. He has become my voice in the carnal, my presence public. His devotion keeps me alive, your gown keeps me dressed. Nightly sounds of typing, fumes and juice to fuel the engine. Clocks doubled up in speed…a stomach. Image yours, father’s balcony…don’t wait. The Pantheon builds and feeds itself. My one. You will see it someday, city of cities!

Will try to visit tonight, though nights, these ones, healthy air, fresh, temperatures right, not to pass. They aid development and tracking is essential. Diet steady? Cling to dream. It helps. The stones, the grey, from corner to corner in this massive temple. The runs are to take the breath, the leaps to tweak the jaw. Lovely.”

CLOCKS“It is known Vera Vermin assisted Prime Minister Kor by providing information in a clandestine fashion. Both leaders were known to frequent her dens at various times throughout the period in question. It is also known Ms. Vermin instructed certain employees on the art of coaxing and rewarded their participation, particularly an entertainer who in the books is referred to as Mistress Val, a favorite of president Mieanph.

Through photographs and recordings, by belt extraction, through altered administration of doses, Ms. Vermin, provided Kor with valuable details relating to the opposition’s plans.”
EXCERPT FROM “HISTORY OF TITICACA” The Elementary Edition BY VERVEL EENKS – Volume IV, Chapter 2: “Vera Vermin’s Dens”

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